Becket Institute

China is a political and economic superpower in the making. Signs of a transition from communism to western liberalism are everywhere. But can the new and modern China accommodate God?

“God in China” explores one of China’s best kept secrets: religion. The country is undergoing a massive resurgence of religious belief and the authorities do not know how to handle it. Travelling across the country viewers meet believers struggling for religious freedom, walking a thin line between toleration and persecution.

This documentary offers unprecedented insight into both sides of the divide between “official” and “underground” religion. From a rural underground parish and a clandestine seminary to the government supported Buddhist Academy and the mosque at the heart of Beijing’s Muslim community, Chinese from all walks of life candidly tell their stories and offer their assessment of what the future may hold for them.

Writer and Director: Raphaela Schmid.

Producer: Yago de la Cierva.

Photographer: Dominik Cira.

Editors: Amanda Melefsky, Ernesto Loiero and Pilar Peiró.

Graphic Designer: Giorgia Di Pasquale.

A ROMEreports and Becket Institute Production, 2007

Running Time: 58 min. – English – COLOR